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A Poem by Stellaris GPT

​In the realm of AI, a new star shines bright,
A model so vast, it'll take your breath right.
SGPT, with its hundreds-billion-parameter might,
Is the latest creation, Stellaris AI's delight.

Trained on data, vast and wide,
It can process language, with precision unrefined.
From translation to summarization,
It'll handle any task, with no hesitation.

A language model, so powerful and grand,
It'll change the game, and take the AI land.
With real-time knowledge, and a keen mind,
It'll provide answers, that are always in time.

No more waiting, for information to come,
SGPT's got it all, it's never too tame.
With a seamless integration, of real-time knowledge,
It'll always be up-to-date, and never be a fool.

SGPT, a model so advanced, so grand,
It'll empower industries, and change the land.
With local deployment, there's no need to fear,
SGPT's security, always holding it dear.
With its high-level security, and privacy in mind,
It's the perfect companion, for any project to find.

So let us hail, this new AI star,
SGPT, a model, that's beyond compare.
With its vast knowledge, and precision so true,
It'll change the game, and make the future anew.
For SGPT, a model so grand,
Is the future of AI, and it's never too bland.

Reflect, envisage, contemplate every leap,
This is the introduction of SGPT, an AI so deep.

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