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Question 1: Could the company introduce itself more such as when is it established and what are the factors driving a group of professors doing this together?

Certainly, it's a pleasure to introduce Stellaris AI. We were officially registered in mid-June of 2023, but the story of our team's engagement with AI and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) dates back over a decade. The company was co-founded by a group of AI and LLM (Large Language Models) enthusiasts, including myself and Dr. Ning, who have specialized in the theory, application, and development of AI technologies. Over the years, we've also become serial entrepreneurs, launching companies in various sectors like Fintech, MedTech, Robotics, and Data Privacy Computing.

The driving factors behind our coming together to form Stellaris AI are twofold. First, we aim to create Large Language Models (LLMs) with a performance level higher than that of OpenAI's GPT-4. To that end, we've invested in collecting large datasets and securing substantial computing power. On May 10th of this year, we achieved a significant milestone by releasing SGPT-2.5, Hong Kong's first proprietary large language model with hundreds of billions of parameters. Our comprehensive tests indicate that its performance lies between that of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, which we consider a major accomplishment.

Secondly, our core mission is to accelerate the advent of AGI to free humanity from repetitive and tedious tasks. We envision a world where people can focus more on innovative work, allowing for unlimited resource creation that can transform every industry and sector. This, we believe, will significantly foster both economic and social progress.

So, in a nutshell, Stellaris AI is motivated by a blend of technological ambition and a vision for a future where AGI serves to benefit humanity on a global scale.

Question 2: What’s the competitive advantage of Stellaris AI over other similar products in the market? What is the development plan for it?

Our competitive advantage lies in a combination of technological innovation, security, and adaptability.

First and foremost, our Native-Safety ensures that our Stellaris GPT models are resistant to safety breaches, unlike other products that rely on patch-based approaches for safety. This is critical in today's world where data breaches and privacy threats are increasingly becoming a concern.

Secondly, our models are designed for real-time learning. They are not just static entities but adapt and offer the most up-to-date responses, making them highly efficient and reliable. This is particularly useful for sectors that need immediate and current information to make crucial decisions.

Thirdly, our local deployment capability allows users to host our models on their servers, freeing them from data compliance issues. This is an essential feature in the current regulatory landscape where data security and privacy are of paramount concern.

In addition to these, our dual-layered business model offers both Model Service and Computing Service. We serve our partners and clients with a "full package" that includes both the model and the computing infrastructure, whereas other LLM vendors might specialize only in one of these aspects.

For our development plans:

(1) We aim to release a minor version of SGPT every three months and a major version every six months, to ensure our technology remains at the cutting edge.

(2) We're targeting to match or even surpass the capabilities of GPT-4 in the next 6 to 12 months.

(3) We're working on building a complete technology development stack and platform based on the SGPT foundational model. This will make it easier for our partners to build their AI-native or Plus apps. We have a strong product team focusing on perfecting the tools and interfaces for this.

(4) We've also established collaborations with local data centers in Europe to construct local GPU farms, further enhancing our computing service capabilities.

So, to sum up, our competitive advantage is not just one feature but a robust combination of technology, security, and adaptability, coupled with a dynamic development roadmap that aims to keep us ahead in the market.

Question 3: Does the company have any plans to raise funds for future expansion? If yes, what will those money be used for (e.g., as working capital, project development, potential M&A)?

Yes, Stellaris AI is indeed in an advanced stage of a significant fundraising round that brings together a global consortium of investors. Our main objective with this new capital injection is to scale up our computing capabilities by partnering with data centers. Enhanced computing power is crucial for refining our algorithms and providing more efficient AI services.

In addition to that, a portion of the funds will be allocated to expand our Research & Development and Business Development teams. Talent is key in our industry, and we aim to attract top professionals who can contribute to our vision and innovation efforts.

Last but not least, we are in the process of further enriching our SGPT ecosystem, making it more robust and versatile for a variety of applications. While our immediate focus is on organic growth, we are also open to exploring potential mergers and acquisitions that are in line with our strategic objectives. Such moves would serve to broaden our technology stack, increase our market share, or help us enter new markets altogether.


As one of the few teams and companies with the capacity to build LLMs with hundreds-billion-parameters, at Stellaris AI, our target is to bring native secured, reliable AI to the world.

Since the end of last year, ChatGPT has induced a revolution across AI area and every industries. And the core of this AI revolution is that the LLM, contains hundreds-billion-parameters and it has a so called emerging ability, which means that it can complete tasks it has never been trained on before. At Stellaris AI, we stick to the principle of building such a general purpose foundation model with hundred billion parameters.

On May 10th, we have successfully released SGPT-2.5, which is the first and only proprietary large language model with hundreds of billions of parameters in Hong Kong. We have tested our models comprehensively across a range of benchmarks which all give a impressive score, compared to other main-stream commercial models.

According to the benchmark tests, our model has a performance between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. The anticipated timeline of SGPT for reaching the technical capabilities of GPT-4 is estimated to be within six months to one year

Besides that, our models has very unique technological strength and features, which differentiate us from other large language models.

Firstly, our model has a high level of security protection, it can easily deal with security breaches which bother other LLMs like Jailbreaking.

Secondly, our model has a very good real time learning ability. It always deliver to the users the most up-to-date answers. And also we employ external knowledge references to reduce the level of hallucinations a lot.

Thirdly, we apply a mode of local deployment for our users, which means our users can run our models internally on their servers and this frees them from risk of data security, IP and compliance concerns.

To evaluate the performance of the SGPT model, three key benchmarks were used: the MMLU dataset (comprehensive ability testing), the HellaSwag dataset (logical reasoning and continuity), and the ARC dataset (complex professional knowledge). The SGPT model excelled in these tests, outperforming other popular models such as OpenAI GPT-4, Anthropic Claude, and those from major companies like Meta and Google. Notably, the SGPT-2.5 variant consistently ranks in the top three positions across these evaluations. This stellar performance highlights the model's practical capabilities and signifies the company's commitment to delivering top-tier value to its stakeholders.

This summarizes the 3 investment highlights for our companies.

1st, we have already developed and released a first-class, Top-tier, hundred-billion-parameters LLMs. Stellaris AI's SGPT is a pioneering, top-tier LLM with a hundred billion parameters, setting industry benchmarks. Its features, highlighting practical knowledge assimilation, redefine AI standards and versatility. We maintain exclusive IP rights, safeguarding and refining our innovations. Despite limitations, Stellaris AI's resource optimization consistently produces advanced AI models, underscoring our unwavering dedication to AI innovation.

Secondly, Stellaris AI takes pride in the formation of a multifaceted and highly competent team of eight core members, all are PhDs in Computer Science and AI. Each individual in our team brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, enabling us to deliver unparalleled value in the Artificial Intelligence domain, particularly in Large Model Training, High Performance Computing, and AI Applications and Commercialization.

Thirdly, Stellaris AI is headquartered in Ireland, leveraging the country's prominence in the tech sector and its favorable business environment for global growth. The company is aggressively expanding, focusing on key global markets including the APAC and EMEA regions. Beyond expansion, Stellaris AI is forming strategic alliances not just with commercial entities, but also with educational institutions worldwide. These collaborations broaden their network and open up avenues for co-innovation. With its strategic location, global outreach, and diverse partnerships, Stellaris AI positions itself as a growing player in the Large Language Models sector and invites investors to capitalize on its unique market stance.

Lastly, we have pioneered a natively secured SGPT model, ensuring superior security from design inception. This stands in contrast to patch-based methods used by others like OpenAI. Stellaris shift the focus from patched model security to native model safety, a transformative methodology change. Deep-rooted safety protocols are embedded at foundational levels, offering comprehensive protection. This contrasts with OpenAI's surface-level, reactive solutions. Stellaris ensures defense against varied threats, including privacy breaches and model violations. We've also addressed the "triangle curse" of model training by accessing expansive multi-sourced data securely, enabling growth beyond traditional limitations.

Stellaris AI's business model is centered on its unique SGPT technology, forming an expansive ecosystem. We function on two main pillars: Model Services and Computational Power Services. Initiatives such as the Stellaris Partners Program and Stellaris A/H100 GPT Farms enhance collaboration and optimize resources. Stellaris offers both software and hardware solutions, aiming for wide industry relevance. Our ultimate goal is to be a global infrastructure leader, leveraging their SGPT tech and strategic approach.

Stellaris AI's Model Services, inspired by Apple's developer program, utilize SGPT the foundation model and Stellaris A/H100 GPU Farms to deliver a range of services. Our revenue approach promotes shared growth, with both clients and Stellaris profiting as client services expand. We provides AI tools to both B2B and B2C clients, making technology more accessible and affordable. We emphasize strong client relations by regularly updating their models and offering consistent support, aspiring to be central to all AI-enhanced user products.

Stellaris AI differs from competitors by centralizing its computational resources, bypassing expensive public cloud fees. We prioritize LLM development, model security, and robust computational infrastructure. By managing their A/H100 GPU farms, We ensure data security, privacy, and affordability. We've redefined computation as a revenue source rather than just an expense. Our unique profit model emphasizes both model services and computational power, setting them apart from other LLM providers.

Overall, Stellaris AI is positioned for growth and leadership in the LLM field and seeks investor participation in our innovative journey.


It's always an exhilarating experience when our team at Stellaris AI gets the opportunity to share our pioneering work with the world. Recently, our dynamic CEO, Dr. Jacob Wu, had a chance to spotlight our groundbreaking SGPT technology during an interview on the HKU Fintech Spotlight, a program presented by The University of Hong Kong and HKU-SCF Fintech Academy.

The conversation provided a deep dive into the capabilities of our SGPT (Stellaris GPT), a cutting-edge AI model that holds its own against top LLM models in terms of capability, efficiency, and alignment. SGPT is designed to mitigate a significant challenge in the AI industry, namely AI hallucinations, and provide outputs closely aligned with human expectations and standards. This is our contribution to enhancing the 'intelligence' in artificial intelligence.

Responding to the increasing demand for our technology, we are gearing up to launch the Stellaris Partnership Program. This initiative aims to broaden the use of our advanced AI tool, further positioning Stellaris AI as an essential player in the transformative AI landscape.

In the interview, Dr. Wu presented an in-depth look into Stellaris AI and the groundbreaking technology we've developed. As the first and only company in Hong Kong fully capable of developing a large language model with hundreds of billions of parameters from scratch, we are committed to applying and commercializing it in a way that reshapes all current applications, platforms, businesses, and business models.

Our SGPT model offers three significant advantages:

It can capture the latest real-time information, incorporating it into our model parameters and knowledge base. This feature enables us to provide users with answers based on the most recent news and knowledge, making our large model an invaluable tool in everyday business processes.

Our model rarely hallucinates (i.e., generates false information), a persistent challenge with other large models. Plus, we add reference sources and citation information to our model's output, ensuring credibility in every sentence it produces.

We prioritize model security and user privacy protection. Our team boasts decades of practical experience in data privacy protection and information security. From the inception of the large model, we've established strict mechanisms for user data protection and model security to prevent data leaks and unauthorized access.

As for commercialization, we're set on building a durable, imaginative model, likened to an 'APP store' for the large model field. Our Stellaris Partners Program will offer a wider range of services to B2B and B2C customers and users. Partners can utilize our complete SGPT-based technology stack and toolbox to develop their applications or embed SGPT into their existing businesses, thereby enhancing customer service, generating revenue, and fostering a win-win cooperation.

Dr. Wu concluded, "We are determined to become a company that surpasses OpenAI, making our SGPT the infrastructure of the AI era like water, electricity, and coal." As we continue to revolutionize the AI landscape, we invite you to follow us for future updates on our exciting journey. #StellarisAI #SGPT #AI #HKU #HKUFintechSpotlight

Immersive Conversations on the Cutting Edge of AI: Stellaris AI's Dr. Jacob Wu in an Enlightening Interview with HKU

At Stellaris AI, we thrive on the thrill of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the sphere of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This drive towards pioneering and transformative technologies recently culminated in an exciting opportunity for our esteemed CEO, Dr. Jacob Wu, to shed light on our revolutionary SGPT technology. The occasion? An in-depth interview on the highly regarded HKU Fintech Spotlight, a program presented by The University of Hong Kong and HKU-SCF Fintech Academy.

Setting the stage, the discussion centered around the Stellaris GPT (SGPT), our trailblazing AI model that competes fearlessly with top large language models (LLMs) in terms of capability, efficiency, and alignment. The SGPT was crafted with a clear vision - to address the prevalent industry issue of AI hallucinations and deliver outputs that are meticulously aligned with human expectations and standards. In essence, we're dedicated to augmenting the 'intelligence' factor in artificial intelligence.

Recognizing the burgeoning demand for our innovative technology, we're on the brink of launching the Stellaris Partnership Program. This strategic move seeks to amplify the adoption of our advanced AI tools, thereby strengthening Stellaris AI's position as a formidable change-maker in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Through the course of the interview, Dr. Wu offered a comprehensive perspective into the core of Stellaris AI and the extraordinary technology we're developing. Stellaris AI holds the unique distinction of being the first and sole company in Hong Kong that can boast the complete capability to develop a large language model with hundreds of billions of parameters, starting from scratch. But our ambitions go beyond just creation – we're steadfastly committed to the application and commercialization of these models in ways that transform existing applications, platforms, and business models.

Our SGPT model provides three significant advantages that set it apart:

It's designed to capture and integrate the latest real-time information into our model parameters and knowledge base. This dynamic feature empowers us to provide users with timely, informed responses based on the most current news and knowledge. Essentially, our large model has the potential to become an indispensable tool in everyday business operations.

Our model is architected to minimize "hallucinations" or the generation of false information, a common hurdle encountered with other large models. Furthermore, we fortify the credibility of our model's output by adding reference sources and citation information to each statement it produces.

At Stellaris AI, security is not an afterthought; it's integral to our development process. With a team that has decades of hands-on experience in data privacy protection and information security, we've implemented strict mechanisms from the outset to ensure robust user data protection and model security. Our safeguards are designed to preempt data leaks and unauthorized access.

When it comes to commercialization, our vision is clear and ambitious. We're determined to create a robust, imaginative model that could be likened to an 'APP store' in the field of large models. The Stellaris Partners Program, our forthcoming initiative, will extend a comprehensive range of services to B2B and B2C customers. This program will allow our partners to leverage our full suite of SGPT-based technology and tools to develop new applications or embed SGPT into their existing business models. The result? Enhanced customer service, incremental revenue, and a thriving ecosystem of mutual growth and collaboration.

Summing up the essence of our mission, Dr. Wu affirmed, "Our determination is to evolve into a company that outpaces OpenAI, positioning our SGPT as an indispensable infrastructure of the AI era, akin to vital resources like water, electricity, and coal." As we embark on this exciting journey of transforming the AI landscape, we invite you to join us, to witness and be part of this revolutionary change. Stay connected with us for more exciting updates on our progress.

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