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Example 1: Real-Time Knowledge

Welcome to Stellaris GPT, where real-time knowledge is one of our cornerstone. Combining online learning with curated data, we offer insights that keep you a step ahead. Our specialized approach minimizes harmful content and enhances accuracy through strict source referencing. Stellaris GPT is your gateway to reliable, actionable knowledge.

Example 2: Native Safety

Stellaris GPT stands out, not just for its intelligence, but for its foundational commitment to your protection. The Native-Safety is designed into the architecture and pre-trained dataset from the get-go. Stellaris GPT remains resilient against threats like jailbreaks, acing safety tests and outperforming competitors. Here, safety isn't a perk—it's our essence.

Example 3: Reasoning

Stellaris GPT transcends mere data regurgitation, providing unparalleled reasoning. It's more than a repository of facts; it's a thinker that connects the dots in a meaningful way. Stellaris GPT stands out in its capability to analyze and apply logic, offering an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Example 4: Code Generation

Stellaris GPT is pretty good at code generation. It focuses on creating straightforward, clean code in languages you commonly use, like JavaScript, Python, and C#. Its algorithms aim to understand your objectives and translate them into functional lines of programs. Consider Stellaris GPT a useful tool to have in your developer's toolbox.

Example 5: Math Calculation

Stellaris GPT demystifies complex math, performing calculations at unmatched speeds. It's not just a language model; it's a numerical wizard. Stellaris GPT solves intricate problems effortlessly, proving itself to be a veritable mathlete on your side.

Example 6: Multi-Lingual Ability

Stellaris GPT bridges linguistic gaps, trained in multiple languages. Whether you're in Tokyo or Timbuktu, it comprehends and communicates seamlessly, breaking down language barriers. It’s your global assistant, fluent in the universal language of the future.

Example 7: Commercial Readiness

Stellaris GPT is no prototype—it's a commercial powerhouse, primed for real-world challenges. With an expansive, nuanced dataset, it's engineered to tackle complex tasks right from day one. It's not just another AI model; it's a turnkey solution for your business, ready to serve as your indispensable partner in productivity.

Stellaris GPT 2.5 is not just smart, but wise; not merely informed, but insightful; more than ready, it's indispensable. Welcome to next-level AI. Welcome to Stellaris GPT 2.5.


Dr. Liam Ning, current Chief Technology Officer at Stellaris AI Limited, is an accomplished leader with a prodigious track record in the field of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Combining deep technical mastery with an extensive range of business experience, he brings a unique perspective to the table in both AI technology and commercialization.

Dr. Ning obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Hong Kong in August 2013. From August 2013 to November 2015, he served as a Postdoctoral Researcher at SIAT. His work here encompassed pioneering research on the optimization of network bargaining games, the advancement of fault-tolerant network topologies, and the exploration of rapid convergence strategies for consensus in dynamic networks.

As CTO of Shenzhen ChoirTech Technology Ltd (Nov 2015 - Apr 2019), Dr. Ning was a pivotal driver of the company's technological growth. He led innovative research into multi-robot navigation to enhance efficiency in high-density environments and advanced the field of swarm intelligence by designing algorithms for decentralized, self-organized AI systems. He also improved large-scale data processing operations, leveraging his expertise to extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data. Finally, he developed a comprehensive industrial robot simulation platform using 3D virtual technology, enhancing capabilities in robot path planning, obstacle avoidance, and posture optimization.

As a Founding Core Team Member at Cosmos AI Ltd (Nov 2017 - Apr 2019), Dr. Ning pioneered numerous transformative technologies. He developed cutting-edge machine vision systems, which drastically increased industrial automation efficiency. His unique 3D vision guidance system for robots revolutionized precision control in 6-axis robot operations, and his innovative deep learning classification system greatly improved product quality control. In addition, he designed a 3D vision inspection system that enhanced the accuracy of identifying defects using high-speed 3D scanning of workpieces.

Throughout 2019 to 2023, Dr. Ning held several academic roles where he brought his AI expertise to the forefront in these roles, driving cutting-edge research in distributed AI systems and applying this knowledge to real-world challenges.

In his current role at Stellaris AI, Dr. Ning continues to apply his extensive AI and HPC expertise. He pioneered the conception and successful implementation of proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs), and oversaw the design and operational optimization of the company's A/H100 GPU farms. His contribution to the deployment of innovative optimization techniques for LLM training, inferencing, and deployment processes sets Stellaris AI apart in the competitive AI landscape.

Dr. Ning's professional experience and commitment to optimizing the use of computing resources make him an invaluable asset for Stellaris AI and the broader AI community. His work in building the SGPT training, fine-tuning framework, and inferencing/deployment system underlines his technical acumen and his commitment to the commercialization of AI. His vision continues to drive Stellaris AI's ambitious plans for the AGI era, firmly positioning the company to thrive in the competitive landscape of AI technology.


Dr. Jacob Wu, an eminent luminary in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), a seasoned serial entrepreneur, and a driving force propelling the commercialization and application of AI, embarked on his exceptional career trajectory with a noteworthy academic achievement. At the young age of 23, he secured a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Hong Kong. His academic emphasis on algorithm design, large-scale data analytics, and machine learning underscored his prodigious intellectual capacities, serving as a potent springboard for his remarkable journey within the sophisticated sphere of AI solutions.

From 2014 to 2017, Dr. Wu lent his expertise to The Aria Group Limited, an esteemed family office based in Hong Kong. Here, he leveraged his profound understanding of machine learning to refine and optimize investment portfolios spanning diverse asset classes. His adeptness at integrating cutting-edge machine learning methodologies into strategic research and platform enhancement greatly fortified the company's financial resilience.

Entering the entrepreneurial arena in June 2017, Dr. Wu manifested his vision through the creation of Brain Investing Limited, providing dynamic leadership as both CEO and CIO until August 2022. His strategic mastery enabled him to pioneer the integration of transformer-based models, forging innovative, event-driven trading strategies. This marked a revolutionary shift within global futures and equity markets. His visionary work led to the development of a trailblazing pre-training framework akin to GPT-3 for Large Language Models (LLMs), reimagining industry norms. Dr. Wu's extensive skill set, encompassing model retraining and optimization, dataset management, privacy computing, and model security, combined with his profound grasp of AI technology, has significantly sculpted the trajectory of the AI landscape, heralding a promising future.

Continuing his entrepreneurial saga, Dr. Wu unveiled Stellaris AI Limited in June 2023. As the Founder and CEO, he tenaciously shapes the firm's strategic pathway, fostering sustained growth in the fiercely competitive AI arena. His seasoned leadership catalyzed the launch of SGPT-2.5, the first hundred-billion-parameter Large Language Model (LLM) in Hong Kong, a trailblazing achievement that solidifies Stellaris AI's definitive control over its Intellectual Property. This commitment to innovation, mirrored in his dedication to developing and commercializing LLMs, signals an impending technological revolution under Stellaris AI's banner.

Dr. Wu's extensive background, marked by technical proficiency, strategic foresight, entrepreneurial acumen, and a profound understanding of AI technology, uniquely equips him to guide Stellaris AI beyond industry benchmarks. In doing so, he leverages a unique strategic blueprint, a formidable technology stack, and a distinct dual-revenue model to bolster the firm's standing in the AI industry. Under Dr. Wu's adept stewardship, Stellaris AI is poised to redefine the landscape of AI applications and spearhead the next era of AI advancements.

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