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AI Safety


At Stellaris AI, our commitment to AI safety is unwavering. We understand the implications of advanced AI technologies, and we recognize the enormous responsibility that comes with developing and deploying large AI models. We do not take this responsibility lightly. From the very conception of our models to their deployment and application, we make sure to adhere strictly to safety protocols and best practices.


Our development process involves rigorous testing and reviewing to ensure that our models behave as expected, deliver reliable outputs, and do not pose risks to users or society. We work tirelessly to anticipate potential challenges and devise solutions before issues arise, ensuring the safe and ethical use of AI.

What We


Data Protection and Security

Our commitment to data protection and security is an inherent aspect of our company values. We understand that the information you trust us with is sensitive, and we take every precaution to keep it safe. Our rigorous data security protocols are designed to prevent unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of your data.


Stellaris AI employs state-of-the-art encryption and robust security measures to protect user data. We consistently update our security infrastructure to stay ahead of potential threats, ensuring the highest levels of data protection at all times.


Bias Mitigatio

AI systems can unintentionally reproduce or even amplify societal biases, if they exist in the training data. At Stellaris AI, we are committed to minimizing such biases. Our dedicated teams scrutinize our training datasets to detect and mitigate potential bias, making certain that our technology is fair and does not disadvantage any individual or group. We strive to ensure our AI represents a wide spectrum of perspectives and respects the diversity of its users.


Research and Collaboration

We recognize that the path to safe and beneficial AI requires collective wisdom. That's why we actively participate in the global AI research community, contributing to shared knowledge and learning from others. We collaborate with academia, industry, and governmental bodies to advance AI safety research and practices, and encourage our team members to publish their work. This open approach to knowledge sharing helps us stay on the cutting edge of AI safety and ethics.

In a rapidly evolving AI landscape, Stellaris AI remains steadfast in its commitment to safety, privacy, and ethical practices. We aren't just developing AI—we're cultivating an environment that respects human values and societal implications in the AI era.


Responsible AI

Tackling ethical questions in AI is paramount to our mission. We understand the potential for "hallucination" in AI outputs, where the model generates information that it wasn't explicitly trained on. To counter this, we have implemented numerous mechanisms to ensure our AI's outputs are evidence-based and reliable.


We have set up sophisticated checks to minimize hallucination, ensuring that our SGPT technology only provides outputs that align with the data it has been trained on. This commitment to responsible AI is at the heart of our vision, ensuring that our technology is not only groundbreaking but also trustworthy and secure.


At Stellaris AI, we are not just building AI models; we are shaping the future of AI – a future that is safe, ethical, and beneficial for all.


AI in Public Good

AI has an enormous potential to positively impact society, and we are passionate about harnessing this for the public good. We are actively exploring collaborations with public sector and non-profit entities to leverage our SGPT technology for projects aimed at societal benefit, such as education, health, and climate change. At Stellaris AI, we believe that the most valuable technology is that which improves lives.

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