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Stellaris Partnership Program

The Power of Collaboration

The Stellaris Partnership Program embodies our dedication to broadening AI's scope and influence. This program invites companies, developers, and AI enthusiasts to harness our groundbreaking SGPT technology for their applications, fostering synergy and innovation. Our goal is to create a collaborative ecosystem that propels growth, stimulates innovation, and moulds the future of AI applications. Like Stellaris AI is redefining AI language models, our partnership program paves the way for groundbreaking advancements, broadening the AI horizon.



Benefits of Partnership

Joining the Stellaris Partnership Program opens a wealth of opportunities. As a partner, you access our potent SGPT technology, empowering you to develop and enhance your AI applications. You also connect with the vibrant Stellaris community, a hub for idea exchange, insights, and networking with industry pioneers. Additionally, we offer revenue sharing options and expert support to fine-tune applications, ensuring mutual growth and maximum technology utilization.


Criteria for Selection

We welcome applications from those sharing our AI vision, using select criteria for a fruitful partnership. We assess your entity's AI comprehension, potential impact of your proposed application, and readiness to contribute and gain from the partnership. Our primary aim is cultivating an ecosystem that encourages experimentation, boundary-pushing, and prioritization of forward-thinking solutions.



Ongoing Support and Collaboration

Joining the Stellaris Partnership Program marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. Post-selection, we continue to offer crucial technical support, guidance, and resources for successful application deployment and enhancement. We also foster collaborative opportunities within our network, providing platforms for insights sharing, engaging discussions, and learning from industry leaders.


Community and Networking

Becoming a partner in the Stellaris Partnership Program is more than just accessing immediate advantages; it's about joining a vibrant, future-oriented community. Our partners tap into our extensive network of industry trailblazers and thought leaders. With opportunities ranging from webinars and workshops to online discussions and networking events, partners can exchange knowledge, learn, and collaborate on groundbreaking initiatives. This community ethos not only propels individual growth but drives the collective progression of AI technology. Together, let's carve out the future of AI.

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