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Stellaris AI Launches Groundbreaking Hundreds of Billions Parameter Language Model

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

The revolutionary SGPT language model is set to transform the AI landscape and boost human productivity with its innovative features.

Author: Betty GUO and SGPT

In a landmark announcement on May 10th, Stellaris AI unveiled the Stellaris GPT (SGPT), a groundbreaking large-scale language model with staggering hundreds of billions parameters. Dr. Jacob Wu, CEO of Stellaris AI, led the press conference, highlighting the potential impact of the SGPT on the AI industry.

Dr. Wu began the conference by addressing the market background and challenges faced by large-scale language models. He emphasized the shift from large-scale models to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and the resulting surge in AI applications. Dr. Wu also discussed the rapid growth and adoption of AI-powered language models, such as ChatGPT, which became the fastest internet application to reach 100 million users.

The AIGC market in China is predicted to exceed one trillion RMB by 2030, with explosive growth points in 2025 and 2027, and a complete industry chain emerging in 2028. However, Dr. Wu identified several pain points hindering large-scale commercialization, including the high cost of computing power, compliance and regulatory challenges, homogenization of models and services, and the need for customer education.

SGPT learns real-time knowledge and information, generates answers and sets strict references

The SGPT, with its hundreds of billions parameters, boasts impressive performance and unique features. The officially released SGPT v2.5 has reached a new level of human daily conversation, with real-time learning and strict referencing that reduces hallucinations. Developed independently by Stellaris AI, the model has no copyright or legal risks and includes data privacy and large model security protection layers.

During the on-site demonstration, SGPT performed exceptionally in tasks such as text generation, language understanding, knowledge-based question answering, news commentary, financial queries, technical commentary, technical question answering, programming question answering, code understanding, code generation, general knowledge, numerical computation, logical reasoning, multi-party dialogue, empathy, and even pretending to. It's worth noting that SGPT provided correct answers in some complex corner cases involving mathematics, logic, ethics, and other areas where other large models failed.

Dr. Wu outlined Stellaris AI's business model, which focuses on building an application ecosystem around AGI and LLM. SGPT aims to empower other enterprises with project-based charging, API traffic-based charging, and technology equity sharing. Stellaris AI has already partnered with multiple enterprises to enhance their services and launch more intelligent productivity tools and "digital employees" based on SGPT.

SGPT-generated prompts can significantly reduce the workload required to create high-quality commercial posters.

Stellaris AI's future development plans emphasize excellence in technology, industry-leading research and development, and strong support from a scientific research team. SGPT v3, a stronger and faster version, is set to launch for public testing in early June, featuring multimodal conversation, plugins, open API calls, longer context and memory, local deployment, auto mode, industry-specific large models, a secured LLM security framework, compliance protection, and access to microphone and camera.

Guests trying live demonstration with SGPT

SGPT will provide strong technical support for Hong Kong enterprises, promoting the digital and intelligent transformation of various industries, effectively improving the productivity and competitiveness of local enterprises. At this critical moment for the transformation and upgrading of Hong Kong's industries, the highly innovative and revolutionary impact of SGPT technology will bring breakthrough opportunities for Hong Kong's development in the AI field, making Hong Kong a technology leader in the Greater Bay Area and furthermore globally.

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